Saturday, April 21, 2018

Now on Amazon Prime: The Circle (2017)

The Circle (2017) - Directed by James Ponsoldt; Written by James Ponsoldt, Dave Eggers; Starring Emma Watson, Tom Hanks, Patton Oswalt, John Boyega, Ellar Coltrane, Glenne Headly, Bill Paxton, Karen Gillan, Nate Corddry.

By Kenny Howell

Tom Hanks seems destined to turn all of Dave Eggers work into mediocre or bad movies.

This is the second film in recent years of Hanks producing and starring in an Eggers work, the first being A Hologram for the King, which is the mediocre one.

The Circle is the bad one. It is story about a giant tech company, something like a cross between Google and Facebook, that is starting to make that leap into the powerful overload who is always watching us.

Mae (Emma Watson) has always wanted to work there, and lucks out when a friend of hers lands her an interview. She nails it, and quickly rises up the ranks of the cultish company. After near drowning incident while Kayaking, Mae is saved because of The Circle's cameras, tiny little balls that are placed all over the world that are basically watching people at all times. She then agrees to take the next step, coming to terms with the head of the company Bailey (Hanks), that she will wear a camera at all times and interact with the world.

Now, everyone in the world knows this is a terrible idea, and it is hard to have any sympathy with Mae once everything goes south. It was a dumb move, and the movie follows along on that dumb path. It feels like what an older person warning you youngsters that if you keep on with that computin, this is what is going to happen. It's not. It's a big exaggeration, as things like this often are, and just a waste of really good performance by Hanks.

The Circle is now streaming on Amazon Prime.

Rating: *

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