Thursday, September 14, 2017

Now on Amazon Prime: One Mississippi, Season 2 (2017)

One Mississippi, Season 2 (2017) - Created by Diablo Cody, Tig Notaro; Starring Tig Notaro, Stephanie Allynne, Noah Harpster, John Rothman.

By Kenny Howell

The first season of One Mississippi, the Tig Notaro Amazon series, was a nice little surprise.

It's a comedy at its heart, but it didn't rely heavily on jokes. It spent its time on Tig as she comes to grips with surviving cancer, and then the passing of her mom. She headed back home to Mississippi to deal with the things she obviously needed to work through to get her life back on track.

That is all behind them, so the second season needs a new direction, which I am not sure it knows what to do. The main story is Tig's love of her radio co-host Kate, played by her real wife Stephanie Allynne. She is not gay, or doesn't believe she is, but she can't deny there is something special between her and Tig. But it also delves into several issues including sexual assault, the south's opinions on homosexuality, religion, etc.

Despite good moments, that hodgepodgeness of it does make the tone hard to settle into from episode to episode. And the main love story between Tig and Kate may not be the best love story of the series. That's not to say that it is not good, it is, but I couldn't help but love Tig's father's relationship with a woman in his office. Played by John Rothman and Sheryl Lee Ralph, their equal social awkwardness is endearing and leads to some quite funny, touching scenes.

One Mississippi season two tries to do a lot of things, and succeeds partially in doing so. However, a paired down, more focused approach might have worked over the six episode arc. Despite all of that, Notaro and Allynne definitely have enough working here to make it worth spending another season with them down on the bayou.

The first two seasons of One Mississippi are now streaming on Amazon Prime.

Rating: **1/2

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