Friday, September 15, 2017

Now on Hulu: National Treasure (2017)

National Treasure (2017) - Directed by Marc Munden; Written by Jack Thorne; Starring Robbie Coltrane, Julie Walters, Andrea Riseborough.

By Kenny Howell

A comic legend is accused of years of sexual abuse in this British miniseries now on Hulu.

Robbie Coltrane plays Paul, an aged comedian that used to be a monster star, and part of a comic duo that were the epitome of British comedy years ago. But things are thrown for a loop when later in life women start suffering saying that he raped them. His reputation is tarnished as he is immediately assumed guilty because of the accusations. That stress begins to eat at his family, his wife Marie (Julie Walters), and his daughter Dee (Andrea Riseborough), who already suffers from severe mental problems.

Director Marc Munden could have played this as a mystery, and he does to a small extent, but he more focuses on the toll of how the accusations rock the family, one of which was already hanging on by the thinnest of threads. It avoids any clean cut answers, as many cases like this often end up not having, and instead lets you live in the pressure that is created by the event and Paul's actions over his life.

Since it lives in that world, the heavy lifting belongs to the actors, and they carry it perfectly. Coltrane and Walters are terrific as the married couple that have never really had a true connection because of Paul's philandering, and the end seems to be near, but in the worst way imaginable. They are what elevate this, and make it another fine entry into a good year for Hulu originals.

National Treasure is now streaming on Hulu.

Rating: ***

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