Thursday, September 21, 2017

TV Review: Review, Season 3 (2017)

Review, Season 3 (2017) - Created by Jeffrey Blitz, Andrew Daly, Charlie Siskel; Starring Andrew Daly, Jessica St. Clair, Megan Stevenson, James Urbaniak.

By Kenny Howell

Comedy Central brought one of its better shows, Andy Daly's very funny comedy Review, to an unceremonious end earlier this year.

Daly's tour de force was given just three episodes in its final season, which supposedly was a mutual agreement. So it's hard to even review Review on just three half hour episodes. It's just as good as it always was, mostly because of Daly himself. There just isn't that much there to talk about.

For those who are new to it, Daly plays a willful idiot named Forrest McNeil who hosts a show called Review where he reviews life experiences, such as what is it like to have your dream come true, and what's it like to be Helen Keller.

This is the perfect vehicle for Daly, who many people know, they just don't know how good he can be. There is a moment where he thinks he has been cryogenically frozen for years, but really was just in one of those skin care booths, and thinks he is years into the future that just show what a talent he is. He plays an idiot so well, and he is at full force here. It's just unfortunate we only for three episodes to say goodbye.

Rating: ***


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