Thursday, August 17, 2017

Now on Netflix: The Saint (2017)

The Saint (2017) - Directed by Simon West; Written by Jesse Alexander; Starring Adam Raymer, Eliza Dushku, Roger Moore, James Remar, Greg Grunberg.

By Kenny Howell

What do you do with a failed TV pilot that no one wanted?

Well, you shoot more footage and turn it into a feature length film of course.

That has been the life of The Saint, a rebooting of the famous character played by Roger Moore and Val Kilmer, among others, over the years. It originally started filming in 2012, was not ordered to a series in 2013, had more footage shot in 2015, and is finally on Netflix in 2017.

With all that history, it is obvious that this just isn't that good. You can see that original pilot and what they were going for. It would fit into the CBS lineup really well, kind of forgettable action that doesn't ask too much of its audience. The problem is there just isn't a spark there. Adam Raymer takes over the role as Simon Templar, and Eliza Dushku steps into the role of Patricia Holm, the Saint's right hand woman. There is just no chemistry between the two, which is something that show's like this usually rely on to get you through the kind of silliness of it all.

In this version of The Saint, the master thief is asked by a man to help rescue his kidnapped daughter. It of course goes much deeper than that, and the Saint has to face off with someone from his past.

The Saint ends up being the thing you get stuck watching at your grandparents house when they can't figure out how to change the channel after their favorite CBS show went off. It's something to have on in the background, but if you look any closer, you aren't going to find much there.

The Saint is now streaming on Netflix.

Rating: *


  1. Enjoyed this movie very much, as did many others. The reviews are unfair, and wonder what is really behind this rotten review.

    1. Yeah, I did too and have the same doubt that you have