Thursday, August 17, 2017

Now on Netflix: The Outcasts (2017)

The Outcasts (2017) - Directed by Peter Hutchings; Written by Dominique Ferrari, Suzanne Wrubel; Starring Eden Sher, Victoria Justice, Ashley Rickards, Ted McGinley, Avan Jogia, Frank Whaley, Claudia Lee.

By Kenny Howell

If there was a highlight reel of every teen nerd vs. popular kid movie, it would be The Outcasts.

Victoria Justice and Eden Sher play Jodi and Mindy, nerd best friends in high school that try to recruit all the other outcasts of high school to fight back against a bunch of mean girls, led by super bitch Whitney (Claudia Lee).

But their plan runs into some snags like Jodi falls for one of the popular boys Dave (he thinks David Bowie made weird cool and listens to Carol King!), and power goes to Mindy's head as the stress of whether she gets into MIT hangs over her head.

But really, at the bottom of it all, it is about Jodi and Mindy's friendship, which will be tested by going off to college. So basically Superbad.

The Outcasts is so much of everything you have seen before. It really brings nothing to the table, and just tries to maximize the points that those types of films do. It doesn't really do it, but Justice, which I am sure this was meant to be a star vehicle for, is quite good. Not sure if I ever really buy her as nerdy so much, but she has such a magnetic personality, she probably deserved better material. Sher basically plays her character Sue from The Middle, which means she can be quite good, but overdoes it a bit at times. Without their dynamic, this would have totally bland, but at least they brought something.

The Outcasts is now streaming on Netflix.

Rating: *1/2

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