Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Gamer uploads Super Mario Maker level after nearly 500 hours of attempts

By Emily Haile

What was seemingly impossible has finally come true for one gamer.

Failstream, a video game streamer on, uploaded a Super Mario Maker level on Aug. 29 after practicing and attempting to upload it for 482 hours.

Fail began creating the level Fail’s Flotilla : Final Flight in November 2016. After completing the level design, attempts to upload it to Nintendo’s servers started in early February. Over the last six months, Fail spent more than 115 hours on practice runs and nearly 367 hours on upload attempts.

In order to upload a Super Mario Maker level, the creator has to play through the entire course without dying. Some of the more difficult levels have checkpoints, which allow the player to save his or her progress up until that point. Fail’s level has no checkpoints.

Widely known as the Impossible Cape Level, the course is modeled after a Super Mario World ghost house level and relies heavily on flying mechanics Mario uses once he has the yellow cape. The level is full of bombs, spikes, koopas and hundreds of ways to die.

The completed run begins around the 1 minute mark, and there’s some language after he completes it:

Fail had come within seconds of uploading the level on seven previous occasions. The second, and most heartbreaking, occurred on Aug. 7 when Fail ran out of time just pixels away from the goal tape. This one has some language in it too:

The course ID for Fail’s Flotilla : Final Flight is 154E-0000-0358-C2FB for those who want to attempt it themselves.

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