Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Now on Netflix: My Ex-Ex (2017)

My Ex-Ex (2017) - Directed by Nathaniel Warsh; Written by Andre Bharti; Starring Katherine Barrell, Andre Bharti, Ray Galletti.

By Kenny Howell

Late in the Canadian raunchy comedy My Ex-Ex, just before some characters are going to try to pull off their big moment, one of the guys says something to the effect that something like this only happens in shitty movies.

I don't know if it was meant to be a self-aware joke, but it ends up really telling you something about the movie.

It really wants to be a Seth Rogen-Judd Apatow type raunchy comedy, but it doesn't have Rogen, James Franco, Jonah Hill or Danny McBride. It also isn't clever. The best part about it is the star of the film, Katherine Barrell, who plays the woman that is stuck between her ex and her ex-ex. But even her character by the end becomes hard to pull for because she makes such a stupid decision about halfway through.

Barrell plays Mary, a lawyer who is dating a horrible prick of a finance guy named Ted (also played pretty well by Ray Galletti). She is taken by surprise when he takes her out to a fancy dinner to dump her. After getting over the shock, she goes to a psychic with her friends, and she tells her she is going to be reunited with her ex. That comes true, but it is not the finance douchebag she hoped for. It is her college boyfriend, yet another loser, Patrick, played by Andre Bharti (also the writer of the film). He never really grew up and hasn't really put everything together. It's like he's a manchild or something!

Patrick invites her to a party, and she decides it's time to get back out there, even if it is as friends with Patrick. They start a little fling, though not really romantic, but that growing relationship is put in jeopardy when Ted comes back around.

My Ex-Ex is really raunchy, complete with double penetration sex and self-fellatio. As I said before, it just really isn't clever at all. I can't remember actually laughing at anything, though the occasional smirk did find its way to my face. It just goes the 12-year-old humor route, and doesn't really have the actors in those parts to really sell that to make it work. Add on to that Mary actually thinks Ted is the better option (though Patrick isn't that much of a catch either), something which is painfully obvious he is not. Ted is an awful human being, who actually compares himself to Donald Trump at one point. Mary is delightful and smart, so you have a hard time that she is so blind to it all.

My Ex-Ex is now streaming on Netflix.

Rating: *1/2

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