Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Now on Netflix: Menorca (2016)

Menorca (2016) - Written and Directed by John Barnard; Starring Tammy Gillis, Sheila Campbell, Dorothy Carroll.

By Kenny Howell

A disillusioned soccer mom abandons her family in this drama that never really quite comes together.

Tammy Gillis plays Claire, a woman who despises her husband, cheats on him with multiple men, then takes off one day during her son's soccer game.

She steals another mom's van and hits the road. There she picks up a handsome hitchhiker, has some fun with him, but he then abandons her leaving her the hitchhiker.

She is then picked up by a local dancer named Jenny (Sheila Campbell). After driving her to the bar where she works, Claire goes into this place, a Lynchian world where old men stare straight ahead, sometimes at nothing, while women dance very poorly in underwear around them.

Claire's bigger picture objective is to return a rock to Menorca, the Spanish island where her and her family went on vacation a few years back. Her son took the rock, drew a face on it and named it George, but soon became distraught because he thinks that it needs to return the island.

All of that is the set up for something that never really gels. You don't really understand why Claire is so in the dumps that she abandons her child. The world that exists inside the bar is a weird surrealist place that doesn't really exist outside of that world, which messes with the tone. And the whole returning the rock thing, you kind of just want to tell Claire, maybe you just go home and be with your kid instead doing this thing for him. It ends up being a lot of possibly interesting pieces, but none of them quite fitting together.

Menorca is now streaming on Netflix.

Rating: *1/2

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