Monday, August 14, 2017

Now on Netflix: Black Site Delta (2017)

Black Site Delta (2017) - Directed by Jesse Gustafson; Written by Guy Stevenson; Starring Cam Gigandet, Teri Reeves, Benjamin Charles Watson.

By Kenny Howell

Bad acting, bad writing, stock action characters, bad action, and cheap overall look.

What else could you want?

Cam Gigandet plays Jake, a man captured and thrown in a black site prison with a bunch of other "unique characters". He is there for what seems like five minutes when a terrorist group takes over the site in search of control of drones that can carry nuclear weapons. Cam and the crew band together to fight the new bad guys and save the world.

Jake hasn't seen his daughter grow up because he has been away. When we first meet him, he is on his way to see that daughter complete in tow with a stuffed animal that will make up for all the years he has missed. That is stock character No. 1. There also the psycho guy who is totally psycho. And the criminal warlord that spends his time sending out orders while snorting cocaine and screwing around with some woman. Then there's the woman who is totally a badass (who didn't speak to the other prisoners for some reason, but when she is released she is all buddy buddy), a big guy who is big, and a tech wizard who wears glasses.

You maybe could have pulled this off with real big personalities but it probably still would have been bad. As it is here, it is just unwatchable.

Black Site Delta is now on Netflix.

Rating: 0 stars

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