Friday, June 2, 2017

Now on Amazon Prime: Red Oaks, Season 2 (2014)

Red Oaks, Season 2 (2014) - Created by Joe Gangemi, Gregory Jacobs; Starring Craig Roberts, Alexandra Socha, Ennis Esmer, Oliver Cooper, Jennifer Grey, Richard Kind, Paul Reiser, Gina Gershon.

By Kenny Howell

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Take every 80s comedy you have ever seen and smash into a TV series and you have Red Oaks.

The Red Oaks of the title is a country club where our team works or attends. Lead among those is David, played by Craig Roberts (The Fundamentals of Caring), a tennis instructor, whose girlfriend Karen (Gage Golightly) is an exercise instructor. He has a buddy named Wheeler (Oliver Cooper) who is a parking attendant, as well as many other colorful characters that populate the club.

Things change a bit for David when his dad Sam (Richard Kind) has a heart attack. He lives, but that kicks our story into motion. That is further spurred on with the appearance of Skye (Alexandra Socha), the daughter of the country club president, a financial analyst named Getty, played by Paul Reiser (Whiplash).

Getty takes a liking to David because he thinks he can help him when the country club tennis tournament, but that is quickly squandered when he finds out that David might like his daughter.

Red Oaks spins off in many directions from that point, all while weaving in different 80s movie tropes along the way. Most work, though the foray into the body switch story seems very out of place in this mostly realistic style show. Creators Joe Gangemi and Gregory Jacobs have brought in a bunch of talented directors, including 80s stalwart Amy Heckerling, as well as Hal Hartley, David Gordon Green and Gregg Araki. They all bring a little something to Red Oaks, and make it one of those hidden shows that definitely needs to be found by a bigger audience.

The first two seasons of Red Oaks are now streaming on Amazon Prime. The third season is scheduled to air sometime this year.

Rating: ***

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