Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Movie Review: Logan (2017)

Logan (2017) - Directed by James Mangold; Written by Scott Frank, James Mangold, Michael Green; Starring Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Dafne Keen, Boyd Holbrook, Stephen Merchant.

By Kenny Howell

When I was growing up, one of my favorite comic book characters was Wolverine.

And even though Hugh Jackman has had a pretty good run as the character, the character in the films has not been that one that I used to read. They look alike, and Jackman definitely captures the spirit, but its not the same as those books. Those books were violent, because, after all, the dude in them had deadly claws shooting out of his hands that he slashed people with frequently.

Thanks to the success of Deadpool, the R rated superhero film from one of the major publishers, Logan finally gets his due with this R rated, very violent dark film about the later life of Wolverine, otherwise known as Logan.

When Logan starts, we find him and a very sick Professor X (Patrick Stewart) in a depressing state. They are hold up near the Mexican border, and the mutants have been pretty much all but wiped out. But a new mutant, one at the peak of her powers, shows up one day, fleeing government agents that want to contain her. She is a small child and shares powers with Logan, meaning she has claws, a big time fighting ability, and a cantankerous attitude.

Her name is Laura (Dafne Keen), and with Logan's help, she fights off the agents, and they hit the road to safety. Logan and Professor X find out that there are more like her, a huge group of kids that have unreal powers that agents can no longer contain. Laura and others need help to get to safety, across the border, but Logan might not have the ability to keep her safe anymore.

Logan is the movie that Wolverine has deserved for years. There have been many good X-Men films, and a couple of bad ones, but none have fully realized the Wolverine character. This gives him that story, and it is well worth the wait. It's the best Jackman has been as the character because it is a man at the end of the rope. His kind are also almost extinct. His mentor in Professor X is on his death bed. Logan only has a few bits of energy left to keep that fight, and a finds a perfect reason to do that in Laura.

The previous X-Men films have had some good action scenes, but nothing packs the joy like the smaller bouts with Laura and Logan slashing through everyone. It's gory excitement, and the little Laura is a gymnast like assassin, spinning all over bad guys while ripping them to shreds. I can't even count the number of times that Logan's claws made its way through a bad guy's head in this, which I know might say something about me, but it is so much fun. It gives me that feeling I had when I read those comic books years ago. A childish glee. With all those elements, it ends up being dark, violent and a perfect direction for super hero films to go in the future.

Rating: ***

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