Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Now on Netflix: CounterPunch (2017)

CounterPunch (2017) - Directed by Jay Bulger.

By Kenny Howell

The current state of boxing is examined through the lives of three boxers in this pretty standard documentary from Netflix.

Director Jay Bulger tells the story of a former champion still in his prime, an amateur trying to make it to the Olympics and a up and coming teenager who has been compared to Bernard Hopkins.

The champion is Peter Quillin, a man who once owned the WBO Middleweight title, but gave it up and stepped away from the sport for a bit. He is diving back in, but will he still be able to compete at that level, and is his head even still in it?

The man trying to make it to the Olympics is Cam F. Awesome (he had it legally changed to that), a boxer who has been winning Golden Gloves competitions for years, but has never made it to the Olympics. He's a big personality, a charming fellow that brings it into the ring, but still has that one big step to go.

The youngster is Chris Colbert, otherwise known as Lil Bhop because of the similarities to the former champion fighter. Problem is he knows he is good, and he needs to find that drive to go up in the ranks.

As far as sports docs go, CounterPunch doesn't really break the mold. It is pretty standard, and that holds it back a bit. However, the subjects are interesting, especially Awesome and Colbert, so it's worth the time even if you aren't really into boxing.

CounterPunch is now streaming on Netflix.

Rating: ***

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