Thursday, May 11, 2017

Movie Review: Why Him? (2017)

Why Him? (2017) - Directed by John Hamburg; Written by John Hamburg, Ian Helfer; Starring Bryan Cranston, Zoey Deutch, James Franco, Megan Mullaly, Keegan-Michael Key, Kaley Cuoco, Adam Devine, Casey Wilson, Andrew Rannells, Cedric the Entertainer.

By Kenny Howell

A bunch of talented actors teach you that old people are different than young people in this lazy comedy.

Bryan Cranston (Sneaky Pete) plays the father of a Stanford student, portrayed by the delightful Zoey Deutch (Everybody Wants Some!), who learns of his daughter's new crazy boyfriend Laird. Laird is a tech entrepreneur that hit it big in his teens, and maybe hasn't developed the social skills necessary to woo the parents of his girlfriend. He cusses frequently, has artwork of animals doing it all over his house. Why Him, am I right?

Cranston's Ned travels with his wife Barb, another great talent in Megan Mullaly (The Kings of Summer), to see their daughter Stephanie after they learn of the new boyfriend's existence. It is Christmas time, and Stephanie thinks it is a perfect time for them to get to know Laird, played by James Franco (11.22.63) in full man child mode.

It doesn't go well, as one might expect, because if it did, there wouldn't be a movie here. Ned doesn't understand why his perfect daughter, the bright Stanford student Stephanie, would be with such an uncouth guy. And Laird goes above and beyond to try to impress Ned, which further pushes him away. Oh, and also, someone falls into a pool of moose piss at some point.

There is a lot of the parents not understanding new tech terms, so much so that the movie could have been titled "What's That?" and it would have worked the same. The incredibly talented cast does what they can, and a there are a few laughs, there should have just been a better vehicle out there for their talents.

Rating: *1/2

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