Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Now on Netflix: Showroom (2014)

Showroom (2014) - Directed by Fernando Molnar; Written by Sergio Bizzio, Sabrina Campos, Fernando Molnar, Lucia Puenzo; Starring Roberto Catarineau, Andrea Garrotte, Diego Peretti, Pablo Seijo.

By Kenny Howell

It seems like every country in the world has a movie where a guy loses his job, and struggles to get his family back in a good place. The Measure of a Man was a French version a few years back.

Showroom is Argentina's foray into that type of story, and it is perfectly fine, albeit a bit bland, until it takes a dark, weird turn near the end.

Diego loses his job organizing and running parties, but luckily his uncle steps in to help him get back on his feet. He offers him, his wife and his daughter a place to live out in a delta, only reachable by boat. He also gives him a job selling condos in his new luxury high rise.

Diego struggles to sell them at first, but really gets the hang of it after awhile. However, the hours he has spent at his job has distanced him from his family, and things start to spin out of control.

For the first two thirds, Showroom is pretty standard as this story goes, even if it is a bit hard to get into because Diego Peretti plays the main character Diego as a pretty weird guy, and it is hard to get him. His personality is just odd, and he never really portrays the vulnerability he should for a man that's struggling. You don't really know what it is building to, and when it is revealed, it rather underwhelming how dark it turns. There were no real clues it was going that way, so it seems a bit out of nowhere, and leaves the last taste of the film pretty sour.

Showroom is now streaming on Netflix.

Rating: *1/2

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