Friday, April 7, 2017

Now on Amazon Prime: Patriot (2017)

Patriot (2017) - Created by Steve Conrad; Starring Michael Dorman, Michael Chernus, Terry O'Quinn, Kathleen Munroe, Kurtwood Smith, Aliette Ophiem, Chris Conrad, Gil Bellows, Marcus Toji.

By Kenny Howell

A depressed intelligence officer takes a job undercover as an engineer at a midwestern piping firm in this very dry, fun new comedy from Amazon.

Michael Dorman is John Tavner, an intelligence officer who is trying to keep Iran from going nuclear. To do that, he must obtain a job at a midwestern company because they take frequent trips to Luxembourg, an important place to be for the fight against Iran. To obtain the job, he pushes his competition, Stephen Tchoo, into the path of a truck, which leaves him brain damaged, but capable of regaining memory of all that happened. The company brings Stephen on as well, and he gets his own desk attached to the side of John's.

Laughing yet? Because it is really funny the way creator Steve Conrad and the cast deliver it. It is this weird mixture of dark and dry that works extremely well, though occasionally drags because it gets too dry.

John has Stephen regaining his memory and a cop is trying to figure out just who he is, and a boss who hates him and wants him fired. But John's biggest enemy might be himself. He is battling a deep existential depression, unable to break free from his professional life, which is led by his father Tom, played by the great Terry O'Quinn. It forces him to bumbling mistakes, so he spends a lot of time trying to clean up his messes instead of working the actual case. As things close in, he doesn't get more panicked, just more down, and that puts the whole mission in jeopardy.

Patriot is kind of its own thing. I don't know if I have seen anything quite like it in tone, which is sometimes a great thing, but sometimes not. The drollness perfectly captures John's mindset, but there are enough laughs, some quite big, to keep the thing moving. It's a very solid first season for a show, and I am curious where it goes from here.

The first season of Patriot is now streaming on Amazon Prime.

Rating: ***1/2


  1. Excellent show. Very dark and dry humor. All of the actors deliver so well. Very fun to hear “Foreman’s Dad” use the f-bomb. Love Kirtwood Smith and Michael Dormans distain for each other. Terry O’Quinn is epic as the Dad trying to be both Dad and Boss. Michael Chernus as Edward is so hilarious! This show is fun. Can drag a bit, but each slow step has meaning. Am loving it and can’t wait for more. ❤️

  2. Great show, only criticism I have is in regards to the idiotic error on behalf of the production, director and consultants in which; the country in the storyline was Iran. This is the main character or the subject of the series, then the characters speak Arabic! The female character wears an Arabic traditional custom with the Hejab and the face cover. Either this was done in bad faith to piss Iranians off, or a stupid bonehead mistake of an idiot whom doesn't research to see what language the main country in the movie speaks. Iranians speak Farsi or Persian, not Arabic! It's like showing a Russian character and have them speak Swedish for the Russians! Too bad...

    1. The woman in the Hijab, is the wife of the Egyptian physicist in the show. So presumably she is Egyptian and whoever she speaks with in Arabic is Egyptian as well? I don’t know if that solves this problem or not. But, she’s not supposed to be Iranian.