Thursday, March 23, 2017

Now on Netflix: Operacoes Especiais (2015)

Operacoes Especiais (2015) - Directed by Tomas Portella; Written by Mauro Lima, Tomas Portella, Martina Rupp; Starring Cleo Pires, Fabricio Boliveira, Olivia Araujo, Jonthan Azevado.

By Kenny Howell

Brazil can make formulaic, forgettable cop dramas as well.

There is nothing particularly wrong with Operacoes Especiais (which translates as Special Operations), except maybe it not as cool as it wants to be, but there isn't really any very exceptional about it either. It is so by the book, which I think it is where it wants to be.

It follows the story of Francis, a woman who decides to join law enforcement when the hotel in which she works is robbed. She leaves that profession, and heads to train to be in law enforcement. It is a male dominated profession, and she is not accepted right off, a la G.I. Jane. So she must prove herself.

Problem is, she doesn't. She's not very good at this, and when they are under attack, she kind of cowers and never fires a shot. I don't blame her, I would do the same thing, but it kind of makes the men's argument against her. The film then moves on to her detective work, which might be her key to success. I don't think director Tomas Portella does a very good job at showing her excelling at those things, there should have been a moment where she really cracks something wide open, but it is not so much there. We are just supposed to go along with it

Of course, you know where this is headed, she is going to gain her confidence and take charge. The moment where that happens is not as exciting as it should be, which goes along with the rest of the film. It doesn't want to do too much. Just enough.

Operacoes Especiais is now streaming on Netflix.

Rating: *1/2

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