Thursday, March 2, 2017

Now on Netflix: Danny Says (2016)

Danny Says (2016) - Directed by Brendan Toller

By Kenny Howell

For a man who has lived an exciting life like Danny Fields, you would think the documentary about him would be flashy and against the grain.

Unfortunately, Danny Says, the documentary about his life, is pretty much a standard talking head work that relies on the exuberant musicians and artists that were attached to him throughout his career to bring all the noise.

Fields discovered bands like The Stooges, MC5 and represented people like The Doors and The Ramones throughout his career. He had an amazing eye for the revolutionary, which may have been developed in his early years hanging out with Andy Warhol, The Velvet Underground, Nico, Edie Sedgwick and that crowd.

From there, he just kind of got bands to follow him, and convinced music execs that he knew what he is talking about. Obviously, he did, as the names of the bands that he has been associated with is a long list of masters of the trade. Not just great bands, but bands that changed the course of rock history and influenced the art form for years to come. Some could have faded away if he didn't help them find their audience.

I wish there would have been a little bit more in the delivery of Danny Says because he has lived an amazing life, and has been so important to the music scene. But his stories are interesting, and for someone who is into this era, it's nice to peak behind the curtain.

Danny Says is now streaming on Netflix.

Rating: **1/2

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