Monday, March 6, 2017

Now on Netflix: Better Off Single (2016)

Better Off Single (2016) - Written and Directed by Benjamin Cox; Starring Aaron Tveit, Abby Elliott, Jason Jones, Chris Elliott, Lauren Miller, Kal Penn, Lewis Black, Brooks Whelan.

By Kenny Howell

Better Off Single can't seem to figure out just what it wants to be.

At its core, it is about a guy getting his life back on track after a relationship falls apart. But how that is told with a timeline that is scattered all over the place, hallucinations, satirical political statements (I think), and just all around weirdness like talking heads, title cards that are immediately followed by other title cards. It's all just a bit too much.

And that is a shame because it's lead, Aaron Tveit, and the women that surround him can be quite charming. When he is hitting on them, and they start something up, Better Off Single really catches fire. Unfortunately, the movie then goes to a scene like where they see a "Banker Habitat" in the park, which is just bankers basically seeming like apes in a zoo exhibit for some reason. Is that a statement on something? How does it pertain to what we are watching? Are we supposed to reject all the other "reality" that is in the film? Why that is there, I have no idea, and it completely takes you out of the film.

The film is also filled with people like Abby Elliott, her dad Chris Elliott (playing her dad), Jason Jones, Kal Penn, Lauren Miller, Lewis Black and Brooks Whelan, who all bring something to the table, but never can get it back in line. There is a gem of a good idea here, it just doesn't come together.

Better Off Single is now streaming on Netflix.

Rating: *1/2

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