Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Now on Netflix: Another Forever (2016)

Another Forever (2016) - Directed by Juan Zapata; Written by Daniela Escobar, Juan Zapata; Starring Daniela Escobar, Marlon Moreno, Peter Ketnath.

By Kenny Howell

A woman grieves for her deceased husband in this quiet, somber drama from Juan Zapata.

Daniela Escobar, who also co-wrote the screenplay, plays Alice, a woman who lost her husband several months ago, and is now trying to get back on her feet.

She decides to go on a trip, and over the short running time of 72 minutes, she tries to figure out how to move past the terrible tragedy.

This idea has been done numerous times before, but Zapata does find a bit of a fresh way to approach it. The scenes in which Alice is without her husband are so quiet and spare, no score or songs playing, really pulling us into how empty Alice's life really is without her husband. The scenes with him can be quiet maudlin, but they are at least alive. It can be slow, so the short running time is a good choice, and Escobar does what she can to keep it afloat.

Another Forever is now streaming on Netflix.

Rating: **1/2

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