Saturday, February 4, 2017

Now on Netflix: Tales by Light (2015)

Tales by Light (2015) - Directed by Abraham Joffe.

By Kenny Howell

When you walk into Best Buy looking for that new 4K TV to fill that hole that only super clear pictures can fill, there is a good chance that Tales by Light will be playing.

This is an exquisite looking, though maybe a bit long, miniseries about photographers trying to get that one shot. Through six episodes, Abraham Joffe explores not only their technique, but the cultures, inhabitants and landscapes that they cover.

We begin with underwater photographer Darren Jew as he tries to capture humpback whales. Then we go to the Himalayas and the stunning wildlife and topography. From there, we spend time with people in extreme nature sports, South Asia, Antartica and indigenous tribes of New Guinea.

There are some interesting tidbits about each place, but don't kid yourself, this is a feast for the eyes, much like the shots the photographers get. It's one of those things you can leave on while you are cleaning the house or cooking to remind you of the astounding beauty in the world, but not much more than that.

Tales by Light is now streaming on Netflix.

Rating: ***

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