Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Now on Netflix: Girlfriend's Day (2017)

Girlfriend's Day (2017) - Directed by Michael Paul Stephenson; Written by Erik Hoffman, Bob Odenkirk, Philip Zlotorynski; Starring Bob Odenkirk, Natasha Lyonne, Amber Tamblyn, June Diane Raphael, Stacy Keach, Ed Begley Jr., Derek Waters, Rich Sommer, Andy Richter, Alex Karpovsky, Lauren Lapkus.

By Kenny Howell

Everything is weird about Girlfriend's Day.

From the competitive world of greeting card writing to the fact that movie is only 65 minutes long, it is definitely its own thing.

And that is the best part about Girlfriend's Day, co-written and starring the great Bob Odenkirk (Better Call Saul). He drew a lot of funny people to this story (see long cast list above) about a washed up romantic greeting card writer that has lost his touch. He is let go by the company he once built his reputation as the greatest around. His writer's block has gotten the best of him, but a series of crazy events including a murder and meeting a new woman (Amber Tamblyn) could bring it all back just in time for the new holiday Girlfriend's Day.

Girlfriend's Day is like a long Mr. Show sketch in tone, but I don't think it is an insult to connect those dots. Usually when a movie feels like a long sketch, it is a slog to get through, but Girlfriend's Day is not. Mostly because it is so unique. It feels more like a long short film.

The screenplay by Odenkirk, Erik Hoffman and Philip Zlotorynski has just enough quirk to get you through it. And at 65 minutes, it doesn't really overstay its welcome. It's weird, and not for everyone, but if you just go with its silliness, you might find it worthwhile.

Girlfriend's Day is now streaming on Netflix.

Rating: **1/2

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