Tuesday, February 21, 2017

2017 Beboti Awards: Best Foreign Language Film

It's that time of year again to look at what I thought was the best there was out there the past year. Unfortunately, and fortunately, I had another life change this year, a son that was born in November, which obviously kept me away from the theaters a bit the last two months. Still, I saw quite a bit that is worthy of praise in 2016, and today we kick it off with the Best Foreign Language Film of 2016.


Embrace of the Serpent, directed by Ciro Guerra
Under the Shadow, directed by Babak Anvari
My King, directed by Maiwenn
Rams, directed by Grimur Hakonarson
The Measure of a Man, directed by Stephane Brize


Embrace of the Serpent

Two men 40 years apart travel deep into the Amazon Rainforest with the help of a shaman to try to find a sacred healing plant in this amazing film from Colombia. Embrace of the Serpent is about a lot of things, but nothing it explicitly hammers into you. It lets the messages drift out of its contemplative story, the passage of time, the sometimes damaging influence of the west on these tribes, the disappearing of an entire people and way of life, greed, the attachment to possessions, so on and so on. Director Cira Guerra so seamlessly interweaves all these big ideas into this fascinating drama, never once leaving the narrative to pontificate or lecture you on what its trying to say. It's a world that we don't get to see very often, and a trip to a fascinating place that seems like a totally different world.

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