Monday, January 30, 2017

Now on Netflix: W / Bob and David (2015)

W / Bob and David (2015) - Directed by Keith Truesdell, Jason Woliner, Lance Bangs, Tom Gianas; Starring Bob Odenkirk, David Cross, John Ennis, Jay Johnston, Brian Posehn, Paul F. Tompkins, Scott Aukerman, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Scott Adsit, Paget Brewster, Keegan-Michael Key.

By Kenny Howell

I never watched Mr. Show, though I feel like I have because of all my friends telling me about it and sending me clips throughout the years.

All these friends were pretty adamant that this was the best sketch show of all time, and I can't argue with them because I like their taste in comedy. For whatever reason, I never got around to watching it.

Their return is W/ Bob and David that premiered on Netflix back in 2015. I am told it feels like a welcome return, even though the results are not the same. There are probably no classic sketches that will be shared for years to come, but that doesn't mean it is not funny.

As much as I like everyone involved from the main stars Bob Odenkirk (Better Call Saul) and David Cross (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind), to the writers and players in Scott Aukerman and Paul F. Tompkins (BoJack Horseman), there are only bits here that work really well. Some are very clever, like the sketch where Odenkirk and Cross play good cop-bad cop detectives that get out of hand during an investigation, to stupid funny when they play country singers whose songs devolves into a grocery list for their fans to get them. My favorite sketch is probably one where a kid reportedly died and went to heaven. He returned and wrote a book, but his parents turn on him when he says that Hitler was one of the people he saw there.

The four half hour episodes have their moments, but some stretches, like the entire first episode, have an infectious charm but are nearly laugh free. Still, these are talented people at work, and the things that do hit right are worth checking out.

W / Bob and David is now streaming on Netflix.

Rating: **1/2

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