Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Now on Netflix: Maximum Ride (2016)

Maximum Ride (2016) - Directed by Jay Martin; Written by Angelique Hanus, Jesse Spears; Starring Allie Marie Evans, Patrick Evans, Lyliana Wray.

By Kenny Howell

Not every Young Adult series should be adapted.

Book a week author James Patterson's YA series about kids that are 98% human, 2% avian (sigh) makes it to the big screen, sort of. It mostly went to streaming, as it only opened in 10 theaters across the United States and to this date has made the astronomically low amount of $4,218.

After watching it, you can see why. This is a SyFy Channel movie that doesn't know it is SyFy Channel Movie. It takes itself way too serious, and it doesn't really have the acting, directing or story to really back it up.

The series is called Maximum Ride, basically because the character's name is Max (Allie Marie Evans) and the title sounds cool I guess. She is a badass teenage chick that hates shirt sleeves (but loves punk rock!), possibly because she has wings and can fly. She is sort of the leader of a group of kids that were genetically spliced with birds. They escaped the place this happened, called The School, and have been hiding out in the mountains. But when creatures called The Erasers take one of their own, Angel, the kids have to come out of hiding to get them back and find out their origins.

Nearly every fight scene in this movie is shot in slow motion for some reason. That is the few that exist because even this is supposed to be an exciting sci-fi adventure, not that much happens. When it does, it is occasionally unintentionally funny. Like how the bad guys stop and watch as the good guy jumps over them instead of maybe, I don't know, trying to stop her. That of course gives the good guys time to do something to them. Or a chase scene that goes down the same hallway several times, when I think it was supposed to be a different hallway (I think?).

The low budget shows so much, especially in the technical aspects of the film. The special effects are pretty bad, so much so, that its hard to take the film serious. This is escapism, and it is hard to escape into it when everything looks so incredibly fake. I know this was a low budget movie, but the things they would like to do can't get by on cheesy special effects. Even with them, I am not sure it would have worked. This is just a mess all around, and is really spends too much time setting itself up for a sequel that I don't think will ever come. That is unfortunate for lovers of this book series, cause this just couldn't get anything going.

Maximum Ride is now streaming on Netflix.

Rating: *

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