Monday, January 23, 2017

Now on Netflix: Frontier (2017)

Frontier (2017) - Directed by Ken Girotti, Brad Peyton, Kelly Makin, John Vatcher; Starring Jason Momoa, Landon Liboiron, Zoe Boyle, Christian McKay, Evan Jonigkeit, Alun Armstrong, Shawn Doyle, Allen Hawco, Lyla-Porter Follows, Diana Bentley, Greg Bryk.

By Kenny Howell

Jason Momoa tries to take his Game of Thrones luck to Netflix, with this period drama about the battles over the North American fur trade.

During this time, several entities battled over control of the Hudson Bay area and the fur trading industry. Momoa plays Declan Harp, a notorious half-Irish, half-Native American fur trapper that is the thorn in a lot of people's sides. One of those people is the British fur trading tyrant Lord Benton, a man who wants to see Harp dead. He gets his chance when a young man is caught trying to steal gunpowder from a ship. That young man is Michael, and he strikes a deal with Benton that he will get Harp to him, and he will spare him and his girlfriend, which Benton locked away as a prisoner.

Michael teams up with a priest/guide (played by the terrific Christian McKay) to go find Harp, but when he finds him, he doesn't necessarily follow the rules that Benton laid down. That is just one of the many battles for power, back stabbings, conspiracies and more that play out over the six episodes of Frontier.

The show is not a fantasy by any means, but it does want to snag in people that liked Game of Thrones. This is more about grabbing power, and some terrible people that try to do it then any sort of battle action between the warring factions. They even refer to something called Lakewalkers quite often, which of course sounds a lot like Whitewalkers.

But despite the period piece similarities, Frontier is it's on deal, and a pretty good one at that. It isn't addictive TV by any means, but it is solidly done with a great cast. Momoa is good, but the star to me is Alun Armstrong as Lord Benton. He is pure, annoying evil, and a great villain that drives the story forward. McKay is also his usual wonderful self as the not on the up and up preacher. They are enough to get you through the sometimes laborious power struggles to make this one probably not your favorite show, but definitely one of your staples.

The entire first season of Frontier is now playing on Netflix.

Rating: ***

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