Saturday, January 7, 2017

Now on Netflix: Emily & Tim (2016)

Emily & Tim (2016) - Written and Directed by Eric Weber; Starring Alexis Bledel, Cara Buono, Kathleen Turner, Kal Penn, Thomas Mann, Zosia Mamet, Andre Braugher, Phylicia Rashad, Olympia Dukakis, Louis Zorich.

By Kenny Howell

Love is love, no matter race or orientation, is very much the message of Emily & Tim, the new drama from Director Eric Weber.

Weber tells the story of the title characters over six acts with different actors playing in each segment. They are a married couple, so of course we start with how they met and carry on until their relationship comes to and end. Over that time, we see several different people play those characters from Caucasian actors to African Americans actors in the great Andre Braugher and Phylicia Rashad (Creed), to an American Indian actor in Kal Penn to two men, where Emily takes on the name Emil.

There is nothing really extraordinary about the story itself. They go through things that every married couple do, like falling deeply in love, having the frustrations of adjusting to living with each other, thoughts of infidelity, caring for their children, seeing those children off to their adult lives and growing old with each other.

The genius is in the telling which gives all of that more meaning. We all go through these things, and there is no difference in it, no matter who you are. Some segments are better than others, and there is nothing revolutionary about it, it's just a nice little piece of an independent filmmaking that is an important reminder about what love is.

Emily & Tim is now streaming in Netflix.

Rating: ***

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