Sunday, January 15, 2017

Now on Netflix: About Scout (2016)

About Scout (2016) - Directed by Laurie Weltz; Written by India Ennenga, Laurie Weltz; Starring India Ennenga, James Frecheville, Onata Aprile, Jane Seymour, Nikki Reed, Danny Glover, Ellen Burstyn.

By Kenny Howell

About Scout is kind of one of those movies that lives in this quirky indie world that only exists in stuff that is shown at film festivals.

It's a world all its own, where all the characters are off just enough, and things happen very conveniently, which is almost a law of physics in quirky indie land. Oh, and also, two characters share a love of some kind of piece of art, whether it is a book or movie, in this case it is the book the The Great Gatsby.

It has come to be expected over the years that this would be the case for movies such as these, so you start to forgive some of that. What is it like at its core? Does it have heart? Is it delightful? Is there enough charm there to carry you through it.

For About Scout, the answer is mostly yes. It is marred by those things mentioned in the first two paragraphs, but the cast is solid, and the tone is light enough to keep a smile through when things don't quite come together.

The Scout of the title is a young woman named Scout (India Ennenga). Her parents are carnies, so she lives with her grandmother and takes care of her little sister. When her little sister Tallulah (Onata Aprile) is deemed too old to go to daycare, she has to get her enrolled at public school, but that opens up the can of worms that no one really cares for these kids. Scout's parents reemerge and take Tallulah with them, which sends Scout chasing them on a road trip. She brings along a local young man who is a mental patient in a facility near her house (one of those happy conveniences).

They of course fall in love, work through their issues, and try to track down Tallulah. Nothing revolutionary here, so it falls back on the cast to help you forget that. Ennenga, who also came up with the story with Director Laurie Weltz, pops with personality, and works in good contrast with her reserved, troubled boyfriend played by James Frecheville (Transparent). Aprile (What Maisie Knew) is also quite good, and the film includes small parts from seasoned veterans Jane Seymour, Danny Glover, Ellen Burstyn (Wiener-Dog) and Nikki Reed. It is what it is, but if you just go with it, you more than likely won't be disappointed.

About Scout is now streaming on Netflix.

Rating: **1/2

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