Saturday, December 31, 2016

Now on Netflix: Rats (2016)

Rats movie poster
Rats (2016) - Directed by Morgan Spurlock

By Kenny Howell

Just gross.

That's really all you can say about the documentary from Morgan Spurlock, the man who also grossed us out with McDonalds in the excellent Super Size Me.

Here he takes on rats, the little monsters that have killed millions of people over the years, and multiply rather efficiently. They are obviously a problem for many cities around the world, not just impoverished ones, because they can set up shop anywhere in cities where we offer them what they need - food and a place to stay and multiply.

Whether it is ritzy areas of New York City or rural areas of Cambodia, rats cause all kinds of problems for the citizens. The documentary is chopped up into several vignettes about how humans react with rats, more times that not killing them or keeping them from reproducing.

Spurlock, who doesn't show up in the film like he has in past works, treats this a horror documentary, much like The Nightmare did a few years ago. But I am not scared of these rats, just grossed out by them, and even kind of feel sorry for them. In one segment of the film, a group of men roam through their city at night killing them, often just snapping their necks with their bare hands. There is shot after shot of them doing that, and it becomes a little bit repetitive. Add to that general rat grossness and scientists dissecting and finding some quite interesting things out about the rats.

There is a little bit of interesting information on rats, like how they originated in Mongolia and how they migrated out, but probably not enough. Spurlock, who I like quite a bit, focuses more on stuff to make our stomach turn a bit. And it's, well, just gross.

Rats is now streaming on Netflix.

Rating: **

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