Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Now on Netflix: Eddie - Strongman (2015)

Eddie - Strongman (2015) - Directed by Matt Bell

By Kenny Howell

A mechanic from Stoke tries to become the strongest man in the world in this entertaining documentary now streaming on Netflix.

Eddie Hall is a driven man, so much so that he transformed his body from a scrawny swimmer in high school to the giant man you see in the movie poster attached. He got there because of his insane will power and determination. The only thing that will stop him is things that he cannot control.

As is many times the case, the big man in this instance has a big heart. He is married with two kids, and devolves into a big softie when talking about them. Also, he is generally nice to anyone he meets. As one fellow strong man says, he's the only competitor to ever send him a handwritten Christmas card.

The documentary itself is pretty paint by numbers, which isn't necessarily a bad thing because the focus is an engaging guy. He is the key, and why it works, because he is the thing striving to be so much more even when the film about him does not.

Eddie - Strongman is now streaming on Netflix.

Rating: ***

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