Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Criterion on FilmStruck: Blood Simple (1985)

Blood Simple movie poster
Blood Simple (1985) – Directed by Joel Coen; Written by Joel and Ethan Coen; Cinematography by Barry Sonnenfeld; Starring John Getz, M. Emmet Walsh, Dan Hedaya, Frances McDormand and Samm-Art Williams.

By Kenny Howell

This is the debut film for two of the most original filmmakers of this generation. It is in many ways a precursor to the later, more dynamic Fargo, but unbelievable in its own right. While the Coen brothers would get a bit crazier in their later films, this one showed how genius they could be with a small budget.

Set in Texas like their later Best Picture winner, No Country for Old Men, this it the simple story of a woman (Frances McDormand), who hires a man to kill her cheating husband. But like all Coen brothers movies, things aren’t exactly as they seem, and get out of hand really quick. Inventive and almost flawlessly executed debut on a tiny budget from a pair that would make many more great movies over the next few decades.

Blood Simple is now streaming on FilmStruck.

Rating: ****

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