Thursday, December 8, 2016

Now on Amazon Prime: Before Sunset (2004)

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Before Sunset (2004) – Directed by Richard Linklater; Written by Richard Linklater, Kim Krizan, Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke; Cinematography by Lee Daniel; Starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy.

By Kenny Howell

One of my favorite movies of the past 15 years has to be this sequel about two people (Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke) meeting up nine years after they nearly became a couple on a train trip together in Before Sunrise.

The movie is hard to like for some people because it is just a conversation basically, but what better place to have a conversation than Paris, strolling through the streets, stopping at cafes. Also, the conversation they are having, rehashing what they had been doing the last nine years, as well as just talking about the world around them is very engrossing. These two people were obviously meant for each other, so it is nice to see their relationship grow before our eyes.

Delpy and Hawke are terrific together on screen, and Delpy on her own is just a joy to watch. Both are such effortless actors, and Hawke can make any character be an "Ethan Hawke-type character" while still keeping it fresh and interesting. A lot of the dialogue was ad-libbed by the pair which is why there is a writing credit for them.
The gang got back together again in 2013 for Before Midnight which saw the couple's relationship start to fall apart. It is such a downer, but an excellent watch, after this terrific film brought them together. The three films together are an incredible achievement, one I think that is better than Linklater's most lauded work, Boyhood. To me, this is Linklater at his best. 

Before Sunset is now streaming on Amazon Prime. 

Rating: ****

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