Thursday, October 6, 2016

Amazon TV Review: One Mississippi (2016)

One Mississippi posterOne Mississippi (2016) - Created by Tig Notaro; Starring Notaro, Noah Harpster, John Rothman, Casey Wilson, Stephanie Allynne.

By Kenny Howell 

At some point in time, TV finally realized that comics can do more than just adapt their stand up act for an entire show.

The first I can think of, at least of this latest wave of shows, is Louie starring Louis C.K. Donald Glover's Atlanta has followed suit, and now Tig Notaro takes on that style with One Mississippi.

Notaro plays a radio show host that tells personal stories, and then songs that work well with those stories. When we open the series, Tig is flying back home to Mississippi because her mom is on her deathbed. She had fallen at home and hit her head, and they are about to take her off life support.

From there, Tig says goodbye to her mother, reconnects with her family and roots, and tries to work through her health problems, which include a breast cancer battle and the intestinal disease C. Diff, all things that Notaro has dealt with in her real life.

Notaro is an incredibly honest comedian. The day she found out she had cancer and that the prognosis was very bad, she went on stage and did a whole set on it. Louis C.K. famously called the best set he had ever seen and made it available on his website until it eventually went on to iTunes. Her series is that way as well. There are some extremely touching moments including the death of her mother, and her coming to terms with her own body after her cancer surgery. She is still able to find laughs within that in her typical dry voice that has made her the talent she is.

It's wonderful that TV has allowed talented comedians tell the stories they want to tell, the way they want to tell it. It has changed TV comedy for the better, and One Mississippi is just another example of that.

Rating: ***1/2

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