Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Hulu TV Review: Difficult People Season 2 (2016)

Difficult People Season 2 poster
Difficult People (2016) - Created by Julie Klausner; Starring Klausner, Billy Eichner, James Urbaniak, Andrea Martin.

By Kenny Howell

Julie and Billy return for a second season of being miserable and making fun of everybody in the Hulu original series.

The second season is not that drastic a leap forward from the first. Julie and Billy are still chasing fame, no matter the consequences. Each episode is pretty much the same. They get a plan to break into show business, or one finds them, they royally screw it up, and end up embarrassing the crap out of themselves.

But somehow it is still funny. The show lends a lot to Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm as far as structure, as something is set up early on, and there is a big payoff at the end of the episode that either has something to do with the story, or compounds the joke after the story is concluded. There is even a very similar storyline this season where Julie is mistaken for a mentally disabled person and coddled, much like Kramer was in Seinfeld. Klausner isn't quite Larry David, but she is really good, and more episodes land than not. Probably more so than Larry David, she really understands the ever changing culture, and really knows how to wring the jokes out of it.

The key to the show is the pop culture jokes by Eichner and Klausner, which come in bunches, and hit quite often. They are also complimented by the great supporting cast included Urbaniak, Andrea Martin, ultra gay coworker of Billy's Cole Escola and a new transgender character who is fraught with conspiracy theories about 9/11 played by Shakina Nayfack. There are also plenty of guest stars, including Tina Fey (Admission), Joel McHale (Ted), Julianne Moore (Carrie) and Amy Sedaris (Tanner Hall).

Seasons 1 and 2 of Difficult People are now streaming on Hulu.

Rating; ***

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