Monday, August 22, 2016

Comic You Should Be Reading: Nightwing

Nightwing - Written by Tim Seeley; Art by Javi Fernandez; Published by DC Comics.

By Kenny Howell

Nightwing is a perfect encapsulation of the DC Rebirth as a whole.

There is nothing amazing about it. It's well done, well-written, well drawn, you can't find too many flaws, but nothing just blows you away.

That is the DC Rebirth in a nutshell. Nightwing isn't the best book that DC has rebirthed, if you will, that would probably be Detective Comics, but it's hard to put down.

In this installment of the Dick Grayson oeuvre, fresh off the super spy world of Grayson, Dick takes on a job for the Parliament of the Owls, the international organization that oversees the Owls, including the Court of the Owls from Batman.

He is teamed up with a new guy who calls himself Raptor. Raptor isn't the biggest fan of Batman's methods, and says Dick is going to unlearn some of that and do it the Raptor way. Unfortunately, Raptor's intentions are not totally known, which is very apparent in the most recent issue #3. Raptor seems to be on Dick's side and against it at the same time, which makes him pretty intriguing. Batgirl, who pops up in issue 2 and 3, is very wary of Raptor, and works as the side of the reader that doesn't trust Raptor. Dick works for the side that does, though he is still undecided, he seems to be more willing to give him the benefit of the doubt though he frames it as a way to achieve his own interests.

That play is what carries the story, but things like the interactions between Dick and Barbara really round out the story, and just make it a lot of fun, something DC has gotten good at lately.

Nightwing issues 1-3 are now available where you get your comic books.

Rating: ***

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