Friday, August 19, 2016

Comic Book You Should Be Reading: Detective Comics

Detective Comics - Written by James Tynion IV; Art by Eber Ferreira, Eddy Barrows. Alvaro Martinez; Published by DC Comics.

By Kenny Howell

I have written a bit about DC's Rebirth, which even though it seems to be going on forever, has been a pleasant surprise.

After the New 52 only brought a few good books, DC's Rebirth has been consistently good all around. I don't think there is any breakout classic, but there are very few books that aren't at least entertaining.

Probably tops on that list is Detective Comics. The Batman driven comic, which awesomely went back to its original numbering, has been a lot of fun, and is the most complete of the new Batman books. It sees a new threat, one which is trained military that has a mission of taking down the Batman. Along with Batwoman's help, Batman trains his own crew including Spoiler, Clayface, Red Robin and Cassandra Cain.

Batman in a sense takes a backseat to Batwoman as her personal life plays a big part in this story. It's nice to see another person take the lead in Detective Comics, while Batman still is there and important. Plus to see the team take a bigger role as well, including Clayface. It expands the story, and opens up the Batman universe just a bit more.

Rating: ***1/2

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