Saturday, August 27, 2016

Comic Book Review: Black Hammer #2

Black Hammer #2 - Written by Jeff Lemire; Art by Dean Ormston; Published by Dark Horse Comics.

By Kenny Howell

A golden age superhero team continues to come to grips with their banishment into a farming community in another great issue of Black Hammer.

Gail is the focus of the second issue, the 55-year-old woman stuck in a 9-year-olds body who probably has it worst of all. She has to pretend to be an actual kid, which includes going to school. She doesn't do so well there, mouthing off to the teachers and smoking in the bathroom, and she probably has the biggest chance to blow their cover.

But she has to continue to go to school because the team, which are living out on an old farm, has to keep their secret identity in check until they figure out their next step. They are stuck in this community, unable to walk outside city limits, and they don't know why. Are they being held there by some other group, is it an alternate universe. So should they accept their fate and settle into their new lives, or continue to figure out a way to get out?

After two issues, this is starting to become one of my favorite books. Lemire and artist Dean Ormston have perfectly blended the golden and modern age with not only the art, but the story. The art in the flashbacks, where we see the superheroes in their hay day, is drawn like golden age books, but the rest is modern. The story does that as well, showing affection for that era with the heroes, but also including the aged characters in all their disgruntled, cussing, drinking, smoking glory.

The first two issues of Black Hammer are available now.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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