Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Amazon Prime Movie Review: A Most Wanted Man (2014)

A Most Wanted Man (2014) - Directed by Anton Corbijn; Written by Andrew Bovell; Starring Philip Seymour Hoffman, Rachel McAdams, Robin Wright, Daniel Bruhl, Willem Dafoe.

By Kenny Howell

One of the last times we get to see the great Philip Seymour Hoffman, he plays a German intelligence agent trying to deal with a young Chechen rebel that has turned up in Hamburg.

Hoffman is Gunther Bachmann, who is tasked with trying to understand the intentions of the rebel, who has the possibility of receiving his father's large amount of money. The era is right after Sept. 11, so officials are worried that another terrorist attack could be the result of the rebel.

Competing interests swoop in to control what happens to the young man. There is a lawyer (McAdams) trying to protect him, An American agent (Wright) trying to deal with him as well, and Gunther must take the right course of action to ensure the best possible outcome of the situation.

The movie is based on a John Le Carre novel, and much like his other intelligence work, it is very low key, and deals with the interactions between the different factions instead of forcing the action. That works well into director Anton Corbijn's hands, who I think made a very underrated, similarly reserved thriller a few years ago, The American, with George Clooney. There is a place for heady, tense, adult dramas, and they aren't made very often anymore. The last I can remember is Arbitrage with Richard Gere, which was also quite good. A Most Wanted Man had a pretty modest box office run, so hopefully it has legs and will be something people catch onto during home viewing.

A Most Wanted Man is currently streaming on Amazon Prime.

Rating: ***

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