Monday, July 27, 2015

True Detective back to spinning its wheels

True Detective, Season 2, Episode 6

By Jason McDonald

Episode five, Church in Ruins, pushed a lot of the needed pieces in place so we could maybe, finally, for a moment; sort of understand what this show is about. It was there, we were on the cusp. Then episode six happened. Episode five ended with Velcoro (Colin Farrell) confronting Frank Semyon (Vince Vaughn) about setting him up to kill the wrong man who raped his wife. Episode six opens with a stilted conversation between the two and the deflation begins. Semyon said he didn’t set him up, Velcoro leaves, end of said conversation and big setup.

Our new development is that Blake (Christopher James Baker), Semyon’s henchman is the one who is supplying girls to the fancy sex parties that are apparently attended by all sorts of important peoples. It’s virtually meaningless, but now we know. We also know that Semyon cares enough about one of his deceased ex-henchman to pay a visit to his window and have a chat with his son. It’s an out of the blue scene that doesn’t make sense and they have a conversation about “Stan” as if we’ve been keeping up with this character and we are all mourning his demise. I had to look up the character to remind myself that he was in fact, on the show at some point.

Woodrough (Taylor Kitsch) does some searching for the missing blue diamonds that were stolen from Caspar’s house. He interviewed a retired cop that talked about how they were originally stolen in the L.A. riots and…nothing. The scene happened and it feels devoid of any real meaning. If only he could find the blue diamonds then the whole thing is solved, I guess.

This episode really plays up Bezzrides (Rachel McAdams) knife fetish. We get a full scene where she practices slicing up a wooden dummy with fancy knife work and this is part of her workout. She even gets touchy when Woodrough touches one of her knives. And as expected, we get a scene where here fancy knife play come in handy and dices up a guy at the sex party, which is where this entire episode is heading towards.

But before that, we get more train wreck Velcoro who smashes up his apartment after doing a bunch of coke (not the soda) and drinking tequila. Who could blame him though? It was after another one of those awkward scenes with this son, who is obviously not his son, or his wife’s son, and maybe not even the real rapist’s son. The son looks exactly like the opposite of all of his possible parents.

The climactic sex party scene is like a B-real from Eyes Wide Shut. Bezzrides gets on a bus and heads off to a mansion to meet her potential important sex party suitors. Before meeting the Johns, all the girls are given a dose ecstasy to keep them in the mood. Everything almost instantly goes wrong. In a daze, Bezzrides shambles throughout the mansion and witnesses people having sex in every nook and cranny of the place. She has flashbacks of being abducted/ molested by some gross hippy. In a daze she magically finds another tripping prostitute who happens to be her missing person from episode one.

With the help of Woodrough and Velcoro, they escape the mansion and the machine gun thugs who were protecting the sex party. Again, machine gun thugs were protecting a sex party. The episode ends with our heroes speeding away with Velcoro behind the wheel and Woodrough declaring that he had found some contracts with bunch of important signatures…at the sex party. Because all the shady stuff in the land of True Detective, happens at the sex party, even shady land deals.

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