Sunday, October 5, 2014

Now on Amazon Prime: The Rover (2014)

The Rover movie posterThe Rover (2014) - Written and Directed by David Michod; Starring Guy Pearce, Robert Pattinson, Scoot McNairy.

By Kenny Howell

David Michod has made a career of making sand in your teeth gritty films and The Rover is no different.

The director of the Oscar nominated Animal Kingdom comes back with a sort of apocalyptic film. There has been a giant economic crisis and people are left fending for themselves for the most part. One of those guys is Eric (Guy Pearce). Early in the film, his only possession, his car, is stolen. When the criminals escape, they leave behind a brother of one of the guys that took the car. His name is Rey (Robert Pattinson), and he is the kind of guy that the others picked on. Eric takes in Rey, first as a prisoner, but they form a bit of a bond. Eric is trying to hunt them down to get them back for stealing his car, and Rey is trying to find out why they would leave him behind to die.

The brutality is the key to the movie, as Eric and Rey traverse a bit of wasteland to get their answers. Lives are taken without much second thought as they are in a fight survival.

While Pearce (Lawless) is in glorious badass mode, Pattinson (Cosmopolis) is excellent as the beat on Rey. It shows that he does have an interesting range and is willing to take on a wide array of characters, some of which are pretty good chances. The two carry the movie, even when it might bring you down with its bleakness.

The Rover is currently streaming on Amazon Prime.

Rating: ***

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