Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Now at Netflix: Run & Jump (2014)

Run & Jump (2014) - Directed by Steph Green; Written by Green and Ailbhe Keogan; Starring Maxine Peake, Will Forte, Edward MacLiam, Sharon Horgan.

By Kenny Howell

Have you ever watched a movie, and there isn't really anything spectacular about it, you just enjoy spending time with characters you feel like you have never seen before?

Run & Jump (2014)That's how I felt about Run & Jump. It is the story of an Irish family that is pulled apart when the father suffers a stroke and goes through a severe personality change. An American doctor (Forte) comes to study him for a book, and lives in the family's home. What blossoms is a new kind of family. Vanetia (Peake), the mother, and Ted, the doctor, form somewhat of a relationship, and the son tries to work through the change in his father, and problems going on in school. Ted steps in and does what he can to help the son through it.

Run & Jump, like I said, feels like a unique story. It never tries to hard, like it's trying to win awards at film festivals, and just tells the story of these people trying to work through this situation. It is beautifully shot, which is expected in Ireland.

Peake leads the way with her high-spirited Vanetia, and Forte continues to work well in understated roles. I never would have thought the guy whose veins looked like they were going to explode while playing Saxby Chambliss on Saturday Night Live could play such reserved roles, but he gets it done.

Run & Jump is far from perfect, but it is definitely pleasant while it lasts.

Rating: ***

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