Sunday, June 15, 2014

Now at Redbox: The Pretty One (2014)

The Pretty One (2014) - Written and Directed by Jenee LaMarque; Starring Zoe Kazan, Jake Johnson, Ron Livingston.

By Kenny Howell

To like The Pretty One, you got to let some things go.

To make this story work, everything would have to work so precisely, it is hard to buy it. That a woman would be able to assume her twin sister's identity after her death in this day and age would most likely never happen. And how people react to it is even a bit more of a stretch.

The excellent Zoe Kazan plays twin sisters Audrey and Laurel. Audrey is the pretty one of the title, a pretty successful city girl that has left her small town life behind. Laurel is still in that small town life, painting famous works of art replicas with her dad and basically taking care of him.

When Audrey comes back for a visit, her and Laurel go out for a drive, and it ends in tragedy, as their truck is truck head on, killing Audrey. However, Laurel just had a makeover to look exactly like Audrey, thinking that would make her as liked as Audrey. When Laurel wakes, the doctor and her family think she is Audrey. She has had a severe head injury, so she doesn't realize what is happening until the day of her funeral. After her funeral unveils that most people just felt sorry for her, and thought she was unremarkable, she assumes Audrey's identity and moves into her place in the city.

That's a lot to swallow, but luckily Jake Johnson arrives as Audrey's neighbor when she reaches the city. He is so likable in everything he does, and that is no different here. His charm really takes over the film, and the budding relationship between him and Laurel make the movie at least worthwhile for a time. Kazan is very talented too, it's just a shame this hard to believe story had to be the one to bring them together.

The Pretty One is also available at iTunes and Amazon.

Rating: **

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