Thursday, May 29, 2014

Now at Netflix Instant: The Big Wedding (2013)

The Big Wedding (2013) - Written and Directed by Justin Zackham; Starring Robert DeNiro, Diane Keaton, Katherine Heigl, Amanda Seyfried, Topher Grace, Susan Sarandon, Robin Williams, Ben Barnes.

By Kenny Howell

Dysfunctional family comedies can go one of two ways. Either they are gloriously over the top, or annoyingly over the top.

For the most part, The Big Wedding is the latter. Weird, unfunny dialogue and odd characters doom the story of a young couple trying to get their wedding done despite their crazy family.

Missy (Seyfried, A Million Ways to Die in the West) and Alejandro (Barnes) are getting married, and Alejandro's family is coming back together for the event. His father Don (DeNiro, The Family) is now with Bebe (Sarandon, Arbitrage), but his ex-wife Ellie (Keaton, Reds) is coming to stay with them for the wedding. Their kids, Jared (Grace, The Giant Mechanical Man) and Lyla (Heigl), are also along for the craziness. Missy's parents, who are afraid of minorities, or simply being seen with them, are not too happy with the prospect of having "beige" babies. Alejandro's birth family, he was adopted, also shows up with his devout Catholic mother and his super hot sister. So, obviously things don't go over well.

I guess the biggest problem with The Big Wedding is that it isn't that funny. That is a problem for a comedy. In the first five minutes, Robert DeNiro, while laying on the floor, tells Diane Keaton's character that she looks like a ray of sunshine. She quips back with that is because he is laying on the floor. That makes no sense.

Some of the characters are underdeveloped or just kind of unbelievable. Jared is a doctor,29, and is still a virgin. It is not for religious reasons, he says he is waiting for true love. All that goes out the window when Alejandro's sister shows up, flirts with him, goes skinny dipping, and fondles him under the table. So this dude, who has spent his teenage and adult life sticking to this vow, gives up when he sees a hot Colombian woman naked.

The cast, which is really talented, tries to do what they can with the limited material, but the movies never really generates laughs.

Rating: *

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