Saturday, May 10, 2014

Now at Netflix: After Earth (2013)

After Earth (2013) - Directed by M. Night Shyamalan; Written by Gary Whitta, Shyamalan; Starring Will Smith, Jaden Smith, Sophie Okonedo, Zoe Kravitz.

By Kenny Howell

Let's take one of the most charismatic actors on the planet, and get rid of all of that likability. Then, lets give more screen time to his son, who has zero screen presence.

That was probably not the pitch for After Earth, but it might have well been. Will Smith plays Cypher Rage (terrible name generator), a man who has overcome fear, and become the most badass warrior in the universe thousands of years in the future.

His son Kitai wants to have no personality like his dad, but he has a problem with whining and crying whenever things don't go his way. I don't blame him. Old no emotion probably isn't the most lovable dad.

Their ship is damaged by an asteroid, and they crash down on a now abandoned Earth. Rage is seriously injured, so Kitai needs to make a journey to a high peak and signal for help. Problem is that he whines and cries all the time, all emotional like and what not. Another problem is all animals on Earth have evolved to know how to hunt humans. Even though no humans are on Earth any longer. And that makes no sense.

If you can't tell, this movie is dumb. I am not the first to say this, so I am sure this isn't the first time you have heard it. It's just silly idea, piled on top of silly idea. Shyamalan continues to squander a pretty good start to his career, by making things that are nearly unwatchable. Or as he calls it, his "European sensibility." Whatever it is, it's terrible, and After Earth just adds to that.

After Earth is available at Redbox, iTunes and Amazon.

Rating: 1/2 a star

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