Friday, November 15, 2013

Now on Netflix Instant: Dealin' With Idiots (2013)

Dealin' With Idiots (2013) - Directed by Jeff Garlin; Written by Garlin and Peter Murrieta; Starring Garlin, Fred Willard, Steve Agee, Gina Gershon, Bob Odenkirk, J.B. Smoove, Jami Gertz.

By Kenny Howell

I feel like Jeff Garlin just missed the mark with this one.

Garlin picked the right subject. As someone who has worked as a youth sports writer, the little league, middle and high school athletics worlds are ripe with comedic possibilities. However, this one never really stays focused, and doesn't reach its potential.

Garlin plays a comedian whose son plays for an ultra competitive little league baseball team. However, all the competitiveness comes from the coaches and parents, not the kids. Garlin wants to possibly make a movie about the group of parents, so he tries to get to know them each individually. That gives a good platform for the immense amount of comedic talent in the movie, including good turns by Willard, Odenkirk and Smoove.

But the movie never really takes off. The movie he is making never really comes together and that plot device doesn't drive the story very well. Near the end, the movie becomes more about Garlin's break down of having to deal with these people, when he probably should have stuck to just letting them steal the show.

Rating: *1/2

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