Saturday, August 3, 2013

Criterion on Hulu: El Sur (1983)

El Sur movie poster CriterionEl Sur (1983) - Written and Directed by Victor Erice; Starring Omero Antonutti, Sonsoles Aranguren, Iciar Bollain.

By Kenny Howell

A young girl is fascinated about the unknown, the place that always seems greater than where she is at in the north of Spain.

Part of that is the relationship with her father, and she uncovers her father's past, a lover who still lingers with him today. She also wants to escape to the south, a place she has built into this mythical world that will make her happy. The movie is seen as a metaphor for Spain, who was searching for an identity after years of fascist rule.

The movie is slow and episodic, but that's not necessarily a negative. Erice really gets to the core of searching, and wanting to get to a place of peace.

El Sur is on Hulu as a part of the Criterion Collection.

Rating: ***

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