Sunday, June 9, 2013

Now on Netflix Instant: Swinging With the Finkels (2011)

Swinging With the Finkels (2011) - Written and Directed by Jonathan Newman; Starring Mandy Moore, Martin Freeman, Melissa George, Jonathan Silverman.

By Kenny Howell

Spoiler alert, this movie is terrible.

Mandy Moore and Martin Freeman are Ellie and Alvin, a married couple that have lost the spark, and are looking to regain it. When Ellie's friend tells her that Alvin will cheat if they don't work out their intimacy problems, she believes it and thinks she needs to do something because she believes men are mindless sex machines, and that kind of man, who would cheat on her despite not trying work out their problems, is a guy worth saving. So, she leaps to the most obvious conclusion, start banging other couples. That will fix it.

Beside the stupid premise, the jokes are so easy and cliched. They can't wait to get into the dumb little set ups, which are usually done by title cards, and take no real time to settle into the movie. It is just terrible from start to finish.

Rating: 1/2 a star

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