Monday, June 17, 2013

Movie Review: The Day I Saw Your Heart (2012)

The Day I Saw Your Heart movie poster
The Day I Saw Your Heart (2012) - Directed by Jennifer Devoldere; Written by Devoldere, Romain Levy, Cecille Salam; Starring Melanie Laurent, Michel Blanc, Florence Loiret Caille

By Kenny Howell

Melanie Laurent (Now You See Me) plays Justine, a down on her luck X-ray technician who has a terrible relationship with her father. He is one of the most of selfish people on the planet, so much so that he wants his new wife to abort their baby because he basically doesn't feel like parenting.

That is the problem with The Day I Saw Your Heart. The father character, Eli, is such a turd, you don't want her to work out their problems. You want her to get away from him as quickly as possible because he is probably the reason she has problems, particularly with men. She has a lengthy list of exes that her Dad befriends behind her back once they separate. And a new shoe salesman might be another.

When she finds something of concern in Eli's heart, it starts a chance for him to reform himself. She doesn't know that he really does have a problem, he tells her the doctor says that he is fine, so he spends his time over the movie trying to work things out. I just wish I cared more.

Rating: **

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