Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Now on Netflix Instant: Albatross (2012)

Albatross (2012) - Directed Niall MacCormick; Written by Tamzin Rafn; Starring Jessica Brown Findlay, Felicity Jones, Julia Ormond, Sebastian Koch.

By Kenny Howell

The idea of two people coming together, one a wild child, one too studious, is not that new of an idea.

That is what the movie Albatross is about. Jessica Brown Findlay, better known as Lady Sybil on Downton Abbey, plays Emelia, an out of control girl who comes into Beth's family. Beth worries too much about her studies. She needs to loosen up. And maybe Emelia needs to calm down a bit.

You can pretty much guess where this is going, and it never really surprises along its journey. The saving grace is the cast, who do their best with the cliched material.

Rating: **

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