Sunday, May 26, 2013

Now on Netflix: Red Lights (2012)

Red Lights movie poster
Red Lights (2012) - Written and Directed by Rodrigo Cortes; Starring Cillian Murphy, Sigourney Weaver, Robert DeNiro, Elizabeth Olsen.

By Kenny Howell

I can't stand this type of movie which has become a genre all its own.

It is the story of the skeptic scientists who try to prove that supernaturalists like psychics or people who talk to ghosts are wrong, until there is this one that they just can't prove. Then that stupid scientist with his or her knowledge looks stupid now. There is an invisible person spooking people.

While Red Lights does have a bit of a twist on that concept, it is essentially that. Robert DeNiro (The Godfather Part II) plays Simon Silver a famous psychic who has been out of the spotlight for many years. Sigourney Weaver and Cillian Murphy work together, and Murphy is bent on exposing Silver as a fraud. Weaver had a past incident with him that keeps her away. And Elizabeth Olsen (Kill Your Darlings) shows up because they needed a young pretty girl. And she is much better than that.

Like I said, there is a twist that is kind of clever, but it doesn't make up for this tired formula.

Red Lights is now streaming on Neflix.

Rating: *1/2

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